INTRODUCTION (MODE WORLD… Vision, Ideas, Creativity)

FREEMONEYDOMAIN is a product of MODE Digital Creations Limited, a company incorporated under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, with her Headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State of Nigeria, with business activities majoring in Content creation and Publications, Ideas generation/incubation, Online Promotions, and Marketing, Website Design/Management, Skills Training, Branding, Consultancy, and Event Management.  The company carries out some of or all her operations with partnerships/ agency relations.

The experienced team that works with MODE DIGITAL CREATIONS LIMITED are combinations of indigenous experienced and expatriate Technical/Professionals in the Business of Information Communication Technology, Media Experts, and Management Consultants. They are dedicated to safe, value-driven operations, and committed to the success of our readers, customers/prospective clients.

Freemoneydomain was started as a practical guide and content publication to help millions of people who browse billions of pages online daily, looking for empowering and well-researched contents on how to make money online, acquire or improve on their existing skills, expand their minds by reading rich contents, all aimed at helping them improve on their bottom line and so they can also live better and richer lives.

There is no doubt that there are lots of garbage out there on the internet, so filtering through the noise, can be very time-consuming, daunting, intimidating, and most times, frustrating. We believe that there is a better and easier way to achieve tangible results, hence, why we gave you freemoneydomain, which is your one-stop-shop that provides you with well researched and articulated contents on how to make money online, practical guides on how to acquire new skills, rich contents on how to start and run successful businesses and not forgetting our rich and inspired How To’s contents.


In MODE DIGITAL CREATIONS LIMITED, (Publishers of FreeMoneyDomain) our vision is to be the leader in Digital Information Creation/Publications, Dissemination and Management, Generation and Marketing of Ideas and Skills Impartation. This is achieved by operating in the realm of the highest standards. It is our policy to foster long term relationships with both clients and partners alike and to constantly seek ways to improve on these relationships.


Our ability to anticipate future business, industry, and customer needs and our strong commitment to being the first to respond, drives our future success.  Employees are our greatest strength.  They hold customer service first as a responsibility and are supported by a work environment that emphasizes open communication, trust, respect, uniqueness, and continuous learning.

We strive to provide our shareholders/partners the best for their investment and will consistently provide a competitive financial return.

Our Products/Services

  • Online News Publication/E-Newsletter
  • Bulk Emails Services & Mobile Marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Online EBook store
  • Training
  • Animated video creation
  • Web Advertising/Facebook/Google
  • Website Design/Management, software development


    • Event Management and Entertainment Services
    • Online Promotion’s
    • Competitions/Contests
    • Ideas generation/implementation
  • Training projects
  • Computer Training/Web/Software/Make Money Online
  • Corporate/Organizational Training
  • Life Builders Skills Seminars/Workshops
  • Our Products
  • E-books
  • Books
  • Software’s

Our Strength

Our greatest strength lies in our high level of managerial intelligence, creativity, innovation and perseverance; effective and efficient decisions making process, qualified and skilled man power, a vision to impact lives amongst others.

We therefore beckon on you to with an open heart welcome MODE DIGITAL CREATIONS LIMITED, as you will welcome wealth, opportunities and unprecedented human development.

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