Best Small Business Opportunities You Can Venture Into


By landing on this page, I believe you want to know the best small business opportunities you can easily start and make good money. Starting a business can be  a-bit difficult, especially for young people. But I’ve compiled lists of small business opportunities, which both students and graduates can venture into.

The most exciting part is that this businesses are not time consuming, you can do it as a part time hustle, while you keep on doing your 9-5 job!

Here in this post, I’ll answer questions like;

  • What are the best money making business ideas that can make you become rich?
  • What business opportunities are best for students?
  • What business opportunities are best for graduates? Etc.

The shocking truth is that these business ideas are not “get rich quick schemes”. They’re proven business opportunities that can equally make you rich if you study them and follow it vividly.

As this year draws to an end, there are a lot of income schemes available that can ruin your business career. Most of these programs are scams and ponzi schemes and I don’t advice anyone to partake in such schemes.

But this compilation is the best for both entrepreneurs and investors, I believe you will surely find this list valuable.

So without wasting your precious time, below are the best small business opportunities that can make you become rich anywhere in the world:


6 Best Small Business Opportunities

1.Real Estate Business

The boost in property industry is already showing in the high cost of cement.

We all know the increased cost of land and property in the real estate sector, the big earners are those who know the secrets of getting cheap properties and selling them high thereafter.

Many think that Real Estate business is for the rich only. But the good news is that even young entrepreneurs can venture into this business and make good income without owning any property to their name.

There are lots of real estate firms you can affiliate with and get 5-10% commission when you close a sale. You can even sell any property online from the comfort of your home or office without getting to the property site and get your instant commission.

After all, that is what real estate is all about, however, you  need to acquire some marketing skills in order to play in the market rightly.

As a new kid into the industry, all you need to do is to be the link between the buyer and the seller; and you are entitled to a particular commission thereafter. It’s as simple as that.


2.Website Designing/Development

Website designers and developers are always in high demand by corporate organizations, government agencies, NGOs as they are willing to pay big to get their website designed.

Most business owners are realizing the benefits of having a website for their business and so website design is on high demand daily.

About 1.5 million new website are launched annually, so you can see why there’s need for this high demand.

Some of them are also searching for website developers because they need to update the information on their sites.

To get started, make sure you get the required training. A website designing course can take a week or two.

If you can browse the net very well, there are lots of free softwares online that can guide you step-by-step on how to design professional websites even without writing a single line of code.

When you acquire these skills and you know what you’re doing, make sure you don’t price yourself too cheap except you want to build your portfolio. You can handle some cheap works in order to have samples for your portfolio. But apart from this, make sure you have a standard price for the services you render.

3.Event Planner

Planning for an event is a lucrative business that most people overlook or don’t know much about and this make the business a low competitive one.

You can spend few months learning about how to plan for different kinds of events. After acquiring this skill, you can even leave your 9-5 job and focus on this business.

Family members and Friends can even hire you to help them plan suitable events for them, since you’re a professional. And one successful event can land you on another one.


4.Party Equipment Rentals

Renting party equipment has become big business particularly in major big cities. Canopies, chairs, stage platform, ice block, drums, cooking utensils, table cloth and other party equipment are in hot demand by party organizers.

There is hardly a weekend that parties are not held in many big cities.

Your first step should be to find out fees charged for items and for how long.

Then you should check the cost of making or buying some of these items. How much profit you would make is directly based on the number of customers you have.

5.Computer class instructor

Computers have become part of everyone’s life, both in offices and home as well.

Computers are part of our jobs and also part of our entertainment on daily basis.

You can learn about computer online or read some computer books and use the knowledge you’ve gained to teach others how to use a computer; how to handle it more efficiently, or how to use specific software programs.

This type of class can be offered through your home or you might also consider contacting a local computer seller and offer to conduct the classes in his/her store.

They might likely agree because this would bring potential buyers into the store that is specifically interested in their product as well as give you access to a variety of computers and software to demonstrate with.

6.Photography Business

All of us have seen photographers at several events. We may have used the service of photographer for a wedding event.

Most people enjoy good pictures, but most people don’t have the knowledge or experience to take good pictures.

If you enjoy using a camera, whether it is still camera or a video camera, you can make money with it. You can even do this on weekends or your leisure time. You may start by taking it as a hobby.

Perhaps the easiest way to start is to take the camera to a local youth sporting event or wedding event and begin taking pictures.

Most parents love seeing their children in action, therefore taking such shots may give you money and you can be hired for events if your images are sharp and are of good quality.

Gradually, you can even fire your boss if you were still doing your corporate job.

The conclusion

Though there are a lot of business opportunities to venture into but knowing the best business opportunities that can give you good income can be hard to find especially when you have little or no capital.

Therefore, the above list of best small business opportunities are really lucrative and any body can venture into this businesses and make mouthwatering income.

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