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How to Get a Grant for your Start-Up in 2022


Elementary economics taught us that resources are scarce and that human needs are insatiable. Oliver Twist also made us understand that we all want more. The question then becomes, if we all want more in the midst of scarce resources, how then do we satisfy our insatiable needs? What if there is an abundance of resources in the form of grant for your business, what will you do?


So going by the assertion of scarce resources, particularly capital, which even large corporations are always striving to get more of, what then becomes the fate of your small “thin” start-up. It is the ingenuity of man that has enable him create “extra resources” from the limited resources to meet its needs throughout history.


In this guide therefore, we will be providing practical steps and detailed information on how you can easily access grants for your business, so the whole world can enjoy the benefits and value from that business you have always wanted to start, or the little business you have been pulling through on a shoe string.


Information they say is the currency of the 21st century. How can you quantify the value of the information you have? How do you utilise the information that you have access to? If we teach you how to get grant for your business, what will you do with the knowledge we will provide? Will you let it slip pass or take action with it?



For better understanding, a grant is a monetary funding from government or organisations, given to your business without collateral so as to help you improve on the fortunes of your business. However, there are strict requirements attached to grants, some of which it that it is expected of you to use the grant for the purposes to which it was given, as you may be charged for fraud or legal charges instituted against you, if you do otherwise.


Most times however, it is easier to get a loan for your business because of the application processes for grants for business and even harder for start-ups as they may not have the collateral to apply for loans when starting out, or the backings of “big men/women” to convince banks or lending organisations to give them the loans.


This leaves the limited option of many businesses and start-ups going for a grant. The bad news then is that millions of start-ups are going for the limited granted available, so getting approved for grants, becomes even more and more difficult. But the good news is, if you have the right information on how to go about your grant application, you might just get approved for a grant for your start-up, and who can contain the joy and relief that comes with getting free money that you never have to pay back, even when your business become very successful.



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How then do I get approved for a grant? What steps should I follow if I want to secure a grant for my start-up?

Before you invest any time and energy in finding and applying for a small business grant for your startup, it is important to understand what criteria these grants look out for, and decide whether or not your particular business or industry qualifies.


  1. How you can qualify for a Grant

In as much as you want free money in the form of grant for your start-up, it is very important to know that grants are not available for every business and some business activities are not eligible for grant. Some of the business activities you cannot use grants for are activities, such as paying off debts or covering operational expensive, but rather grants are in most cases, easily given for businesses related to technology, medical research, education or non-profit.


You must therefore ensure that you fall under the following categories as a business owner before applying for a grant:

  • Innovators
  • Green businesses
  • Rural businesses
  • Women, veteran, or minority-owned businesses
  • Nonprofit organisations



  1. How to Apply for a Small Business Grant for Your Startup

If getting free money is easy, everybody will be getting business grants every day. It then implies that startup small business grants are difficult to obtain, but I guess that is the reason you are reading this guide, as we will provide massive value that will help you increase your chances of getting approved.


So once you find the grant that you think is best for your business, you have to then gather every information you need before applying. You must understand what is required in the application, when the application is due, and anything and everything else that may be needed.


Grant for business application process is a tedious one. There is no doubt that the lengthy application process deters many business owners from applying, but if you truly need the grant for your business, nothing will stop you from meeting up with the followings steps, which is a sure way of you getting approved:


  • Paying close attention to the stringent requirements of each grant application before you start the process. The requirements may include what the environmental impacts of your business are, how long you have been in operation, if your business is a minority or majority owned business? And any other conditions that might be specified in the application. So ensure that you meet up with these stringent requirements before applying.
  • An incomplete and inaccurate application is as good as no application at all. So you have to read through the grant application, follow all instructions and provide complete and accurate information.


  • A well-crafted and detailed business plan is needed to make you application stand out and to be considered. So make sure your business plan describes why your company will and should be successful, how the funding will strengthen your business, and how you will fulfil the specific goals of the grant.


  • Reach out to the grant officers and get a sense of what exactly they are looking for. Find out about things like timing/period of application, constraints, etc. also follow up and keep in touch with the grant officers after you have submitted your application. This will enable you to find out if there are any concerns or issues they want you to address, regarding your application before the approval process commences.


Now that you have known everything it will take for you to apply and qualify for a business grant for your start-up, we have therefore compiled the most comprehensive list of available grants both in America and United Kingdom you can think of, as there is no way you will not be able to qualify for any of them if you follow the above processes strictly.


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Here are the lists

  • gov
  • gov
  • Small Business Development Centers
  • USDA Rural Business Development Grants
  • National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE)
  • FedEx Small Business Grant Contest
  • Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA)
  • Asian Women Giving Circle
  • The European Regional Development Fund
  • The Prince’s Trust Enterprise Programme
  • Innovate UK Smart Grants programme
  • Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme
  • Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)
  • Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
  • Eureka Eurostars
  • Horizon 2020
  • R&D Tax Credits
  • British Council Grants
  • Patent Box Relief
  • Countryside Stewardship
  • Woodland Creation Planning Grant (WCPG)
  • Grow It Award
  • New Enterprise Allowance


  • Heritage Enterprise UK
  • Architectural Heritage Fund
  • Fit For Nuclear (F4N)
  • Innovative Medicines Initiative
  • Business rates relief
  • Collective Intelligence Grants
  • CRACK IT Challenges
  • Climate Action Fund
  • Youth Investment Fund
  • Adur and Worthing small business grants
  • High Impact Scale Up Coaching Grants
  • Arun Valley Business Grants
  • New Anglia Small Grants Scheme
  • New Anglia Growing Business Fund
  • Broadland District Enterprise grant
  • Chichester District Council grant programme
  • Accelerate Cheshire and Warrington
  • ISfB: Go-Create grants, Oxford

– Energy Efficiency Grants, Warwickshire

– Low Carbon Innovation Grants, Warwickshire

– Low Carbon Revenue Grants, Warwickshire

– East Sussex Invest 7 (ESI7)

– South East Creative, Cultural and Digital Support Programme

– Locate East Sussex

– Business grant scheme, Elmbridge

– Elmbridge Start-Up Fund

– Digital High Street Fund, Elmbridge

– Business Energy Efficiency Programme (BEEP), Worcestershire County

– Greater Lincolnshire Growth Fund

-Business Growth and Digital Growth Grants (GLLEP)

– Lincolnshire Growth Hub Business Growth Grant (Enterprise)

– Business Innovation Fund, West of England

– Coventry and Warwickshire Business Support Programme

– Premises Improvement Grants, Pendle

– Scarborough Business Development Grant Scheme

– Power to Change funding

– Independent Retailer Grant

– Repair Grants for Heritage at Risk

– Small Business Grant Scheme, Crawley

– Elmbridge Start-Up Fund

-Growing Graduate Enterprise, Lincolnshire

-Malvern Hills Business Start-Up Grant

-Reigate and Banstead Business Support Grant

-NBV Grant for New Businesses, Nottinghamshire

– Cumbria Business Startup Support Programme

– Leicestershire Business Recovery Fund

– Business support grant scheme, Tewkesbury

– The West Lindsey Feasibility Fund (formerly the Gainsborough Feasibility Fund)

– Business Growth Grant, Worcester City

– Kickstart Lancashire Tourism Grant

– Boost your Recovery Grants

– South East Business Boost (SEBB), East Sussex, Kent, Essex

– Manufacturing Growth Programme

– Business Energy Efficiency (BEE Anglia)

– Norfolk Tourism Support Grants

– Boost Business Lancashire

– Northern Powerhouse Investment Fund

– Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Grants for Growth

– Buckingham Business First Grants and Vouchers

– Cumbria Infrastructure Fund

– PAPI, Yorkshire

– Buckinghamshire Growth Grants

– Creative England New Ideas Fund

– Boost4Health

– Countryside Productivity Small Grants

– Low Carbon Workspaces

– North East Business Support Fund

– Creative England Business Planning Support

– Arrow: Supporting Innovation in the North East

– South East Business Hub grants

– Lancashire Manufacturing Growth Fund

– Staffordshire Moorlands District Council Revenue Grant

– Key Fund for Social and Community Businesses, East Midlands

– Medilink Solstice, Leicester


– Agri-tech Cornwall

– Business Energy Efficiency Programme, West Midlands

– Business Growth Programme 2, Solihull

– Leicester Business Growth Grant

– Conservation grant scheme, Howardian Hills

– Energy for Business, Nottinghamshire

– LCR Future Energy, Liverpool

-Proof of concept funding, Worcestershire

– Wenta grants

– Growth Deal funding, Black Country

– Big House Elevator Grant

– Invest and Grow, Lincolnshire (also known as the Growing Places Fund)

– Growing the Humber

– The Smart Concept Fund, Wolverhampton

– Isle of Wight Rural SME Fund

– Invest to Grow, Derbyshire

– Enhancing SMEs international trade performance

– Apprentice funding, Maidstone

– Greater Manchester #SEEDIFFERENT SME Apprenticeship Support Grants

– Salford Skills for Business Apprenticeship Fund

– Harborough Business Grant for Apprenticeships

– Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE)

– BG Effect Business Fund

– Caerphilly Business Start-Up grant

– Caerphilly Enterprise Fund

– ReAct for Businesses

– Community toilet grant scheme, Gwynedd County

– Vacant commercial floor space grant, Newport

– Start-up Business Grants, Newport City

– Carmarthenshire Rural Enterprise Fund

– Accelerated Growth Programme

– Green Port Hull

– Blaenau Gwent Kick Start Plus

– Bridgend Kick-Start Grant

– Wales Tourism Investment Fund (WTIF) and the Micro Small Business Fund (MSBF)

– The Non-Household Municipal Waste Business Grant

– Local Places for Nature

– Regional Selective Assistance (RSA) Grants

– Research and Development (R&D) Grant

– SMART:Scotland Grant

– By Design Grant

– Make it to Market Grant

– Workplace Innovation Grant

– VisitScotland Growth Fund Grants

– EventScotland funding programmes

– NESTRANS Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme

– Scottish Edge

– Forestry Grant Scheme

– Innovate Your Business

– Culture & Business Fund Scotland

– Fife Financial Support to Businesses

– Workforce Upskilling Grant

– Orkney Islands New Business Start Up Grant

– West Dumbarton Business Start Up Grant

– Proof of Concept Grant Fund

– Skills Advancement Grant

– DAERA forestry grants

– Brexit Readiness Vouchers

– Rural Business Investment Scheme, Derry City and Strabane District Council

– New Enterprise Allowance

Final thoughts

Grants for small business can is definitely a very hot commodity. So even if you do your research, find available grants, and decide to apply, you might find that the application process still requires some efforts on your part, or a particular grant may not be a good fit for you or your business.

You may also be intimated with the application process, so it will not be out of place to consider getting a third party to help you with the application process or you may even attend grant writing classes, workshops or conferences.

Another option might be to hire an experienced grant writer to develop your startup business grant proposals for you. No matter how you approach the process, the rewards are visibly there for your small business, and who knows if you get approved the world will enjoy the benefit of your creation or innovation.

So in all you do with your grants application for your start-up, do not submit your application, until you are fully convinced that your application is compelling enough.

All the massive value and information provided in this practical will not be of value to you, until you are willing to take action as action is cure. Are you willing you? Do you have what it takes to take that bold step? Then prove it with your actions!

What are your thoughts concerning this guide and do you have any business idea you want us to write about? Let us know in the comment section.

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