How To Make Money On Facebook

How can I make money on Facebook?“. This question is not uncommon. This is so because a lot of people are looking for money making ideas. And really one can make money on Facebook. It is not easy but with effort, there can be many positive results.

Facebook is undeniably the largest social media platform on planet earth. It has over 2 billion users, larger than the population of any country existing.

Some people think that those who spend time on Facebook are wasting their time. Truly, social media can actually steal your precious time when you don’t use it wisely. But not every active Facebooker you see actually spend time chatting or scrolling over other people’s pictures and updates, liking or commenting. They are active – making money on Facebook.

Make money on Facebook

Ways To Make Money On Facebook

I will be going straight to show you real practical ways you can make money being active on Facebook. These ways have worked for me and still working. Although, it not going to be easy as you may be reading them shortly.

Make Money On Facebook With Your Timeline

For those who have a business either selling of a product or a paid service, your Facebook timeline should be your first channel to advertise. Your friends should not just be there to like your posts, you should convert them to your customers. Post about your business. Do you sell laptops, shoes, or anything else?

Do you design websites or repair computers? You can let your friends know about what you sell or what paid service you render. Even if they don’t patronize you, as long you have built a good reputation, they can refer people to you either by sharing your posts or tagging others in the posts. If you can’t make money on Facebook with this method, then try the next option.

Make Money On Facebook With A Page

You need to create a Facebook page to make money on Facebook. Facebook page has more features which your personal profile don’t have. The limitation of using a page is that, when you publish a post, it will get to only a few people. Fewer people will see it, this is as a result of Facebook algorithm.

Facebook first priority is to socialize, they give more preference to posts shared by individual personal profiles and not posts from pages. Facebook needs to make money too, so in other to get more people to see your page posts, you need do sponsored ad which is Facebook ad.

Facebook page let you target your customers when you run sponsored ad. You can promote your posts so that those who are not your friends and others in far locations can get to know you or your business. This is one way many big companies make money with a Facebook page. You can make money with a Facebook page when you boost your posts. A lot of people get to know about your business which leads to more sales.

If you don’t have a page, you can make money by helping other manage their page(s) as a social media manager. The job may involve creating compelling content and publish on the page, replying audience comments and messages, and also be marketing (Facebook ad). So if you an expert in Facebook ad, you can run Facebook sponsored ads for people and get paid.

To find people who will hire you for social media services, you can apply for the job online. Linkedin is one sure place. Fill out your profile well so that when recruiters are searching for matching profiles of those having social media management skills, you can easily be spotted.

Another place to get social media jobs relating to Facebook marketing is freelancing sites such as Fiverr, SeoClerk, Upwork, PeoplePerHour etc.

You can still make money with a Facebook page by renting or selling it. A lot of people sell their Facebook page to those who need it.

Make Money On Facebook With Groups

Facebook group purpose was for those with a shared interest to come together and interact. Many people create a Facebook group to create a community for just anything which could be for business, entertainment, sports – and allow people to join. Facebook group can have many admins who moderate the activities of members.

There are ways you can make money with Facebook groups. Selling your own product or service, promoting your affiliate link or sending people to your website/blog are ways to utilize Facebook group to make money. You may not have your own group you created but you can join groups where you think you can get prospects and post about your business. A lot of people are earning a living using Facebook groups.

Let say you have your own group with thousands to a million members, you can steadily earn money with it. You can earn through advertising or sponsorship deals. This is what I mean – you can use your Facebook group to make money by attracting individuals or brands to pay you to place their adverts on your group.

Facebook groups are more interactive than pages. But you can’t use a group to boost posts. You can use your group to promote your page by linking the page to the group. This means you can use your page to post your group.

Another way you can actually make money on Facebook with groups is to sell them. It takes time to build a group with thousands of members. Many won’t have the patience hence they choose to buy existing groups that are relevant to their niche. So if you are good at building groups, you can actually help others to do so and get paid. You can rent your group out for a fee for a specific period of time so that others can be posting there.

There are places to sell your Facebook groups. One place I recommend is Bloggers Helping Bloggers Facebook Group. You can sell your group there.  Facebook does not endorse the selling or buying of groups, so buying or selling a group is between both parties alone.

You can make money on Facebook using group by organizing online classes and teaching people what you know. You can do this by creating a secret group and adding participants after making payment for the tutorial.

Make Money On Facebook With Chatbot

This one may sound strange to many people who are not yet familiar with chatbot but it can be used to make money on Facebook. A chatbot is a robot that is programmed to communicate with people according to messages they initiate. You can connect a chatbot to your Facebook page which will make it easy for Facebook users to connect and interact with your page.

How can you make money from chatbot? When people subscribe to your bot, you can send them messages directly to their Facebook inbox as a broadcast. The broadcast message can be about anything you sell or offer.  You can also use it to drive traffic to your sales page.

This is not spamming because they willingly subscribed to receive updates from your chatbot.  But you shouldn’t abuse the broadcast feature so that your subscribers don’t get irritated and unsubscribe or block your page. I can help you create a chatbot. You can check out my personal chatbot. You can learn how to create chatbots and make money by creating for others.

With your Facebook personal profile, your page, and group, you can make money on Facebook selling your own stuff or for others. These are a few things you can do to earn money on Facebook. Are you currently making money on Facebook, if yes which method are you using?

About the Author: Hakeem Bakare

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  1. Social media Marketers is the new trend now.A lot of persons make money from facebook whike handling pages and groups of people.

  2. That is a very wonderful article mazino!
    You never fail to dissapoint.
    Most people see thier Facebook accounts as just a media for fun without realizing that they could earn from it a lot.
    One way i think people could also earn money is by getting paid to manage social accounts of businesses.
    What do you think?

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