How to make money with a website in 2021

How to make money with a website in 2021


If you can learn how to make money with a website, you can become a modern day landlord. There is nothing that says you cannot make money with a website, but probably the lack of access to relevant information can stop you though. Many years ago, John Stuart Mill, made a very profound statement when he stated that “Landlords grow rich in their sleep.” the statement still remains true today as it was when the statement was made many years ago, but some aspect of it has changed notwithstanding, as “weblords” are the ones who now grow rich in their sleep. You can grow rich too while sleeping if you learn how to make money with a website.

In this practical guide, we will be detailing the step by step processes on how to make money with a website. It must be however stated that making money with a website is not a get rich quick scheme, as some of the processes might take days, while others might take weeks and months, if not years to become sustainable income.

But becoming a weblord requires that you first of all, buy a piece of your own ‘webland”, so if you don’t have a website or “webland” yet, we advise that you pause reading this post here, go and immediately get one and come back, to continue reading, as what will come in the lines below will change your life forever.

The focus of this guide is not about how to build a website, but rather how you can make money with a website, so go and do the needful, as we will be waiting for you here. (There are many free and paid services out there like WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, BlogSpot, which with your domain and hosting you can get your website up and running in minutes).

If you are therefore ready to make money with a website while sleeping or awake, the following comprehensive ways are all you need. The list may not be exhaustive, but we are confident there are one or two you can adopt and thereby increase the slice of your digital real estate pie.

Are you willing to embark on this journey? Let’s get started right now. Please note that the following steps are not in any particular order.

  1. Affiliate marketing

You would have probably heard of affiliate marketing, time and time again, yes it is the same affiliate marketing, which is simply a business model that allows you to promote products and services of others and earn a commission from each sale made using your link. There are hundreds of affiliate offers out there, but the popular ones are Amazon, Clickbank, offervault, Commission Junction, Digistore24, MaxBounty, Awin, etc.

Once you register with an affiliate network, you will be given an affiliate ID, which will be used to track all sales that comes from your site and you will earn a commission. So join a network today and use the link to promote products or services and earn commissions, even while sleeping.

  1. Banner adverts

Google AdSense and are the biggest banner advertising network you can think of. Depending on the content of your site, you can apply for Google AdSense or networks, and then copy and paste a code into your website and if approved,  they will start displaying banner adverts on your site, which earns you money when visitors to your site clicks on the adverts, or when you reaches certain number of impressions.

Taboola is also a fast rising advertising network you can use to monetise your website, however Taboola displays relevant articles rather than banners on your website.

It must be stated that you don’t have direct control of how much you are paid by allowing the advertising networks to display adverts on your site, but you can take absolute control by selling banner adverts directly to companies with relevant products or services that resonates with your site visitors and earn lots of money, as you will be the one who decides the price they will pay.

  1. Publish sponsored posts

If your site have reasonable traffic, you can publish sponsored posts, also known as advertorials, which are simply adverts in the form of a post. Advertisers can send you posts to publish or you can write it for them and charge more. You can charge as low as $20 to as high as over $1000 per sponsored post, depending on your site traffic and the relevance of your audience to the advertiser’s products or services.

Please note that advertising regulations requires you to include “sponsored post” if you are publishing a sponsored post, before publishing a sponsored post from a third party on your site or company.

  1. Review products

You can make money with your website if you can write reviews for products or services. There are many advertisers or product owners that will pay you to write reviews for their products, particularly if the product niche relates to the audience of your website.

Some company might pay cash or send sample of the products to you after your review, it depends on what the companies’ offers, if you want to review products, you can sign up with Toluna or SurveyBods, for instance and get started in your product review journey.

  1. Sell digital products

There are lots of digital products people are buying daily. You can decide to create your own digital products or sell digital products from affiliate networks. Digital products like eBooks, graphics, templates, plugins and podcasts can all be easily sold on your website and you will earn money on each item sold.

  1. Sell physical products

Aside from selling digital products, you can also sell physical products from your website. You can sell physical products like T-Shirts or Mugs with your website branding and sell to your site visitors. You can also sell other hand made products, or you can sell products from sites like eBay or Etsy, linking the products back to your site, so your visitors can easily buy the products on this sites by going from your site and you will earn money.

  1. Turn your site into a business directory

You can turn your website into a business directory and companies will pay you money to get listed on the directory. You can decide on the subscription model you want to run on the site, as you can either decide to charge a monthly or annual subscription fee.

  1. Create your own affiliate program

If you have your own product, you can start your own affiliate programme by selling a Course or eBook and recruit affiliates marketers to help you market it.

Having your own affiliate network will help you sell more products and also drive traffic to your site. This is not a difficult thing to do, as there are free WordPress plugin, which you can use to start an affiliate network.

  1. Create an online course/premium content

You can create an online course either with the content from your site or if you have special skills, you can use the skill to create a course and sell it on your website. The online course can also serve as a premium content on your site, where you will charge your site visitors a free to access the premium contents. You can use any of the existing email marketing platforms to sell your course or list them on other third party websites like Udemy to reach out to more audience.

  1. Become a consultant

You can become a consultant by selling your expert knowledge through a webinar, zoom call or podcast and charge hourly fee for it. You can use your website to advertise and promote the webinar and get clients register for it and make money from it. Whatever channel works best for you, ensure you charge a fee for your expert opinion.

11. Start a YouTube channel

Starting a YouTube Channel is one of the ways on how to make money with a website, as all you will simply do is to create a channel, build it to reach certain metrics and monetize it using AdSense. There are many tools out there you can use to convert your website contents into video contents, without necessarily having to show your face in the video. You can also use your website to promote the channel by embedding the video link in your blog posts, which will generate advert revenue for you in your site, and you can also sell products on your channel, thereby earning money from the two platforms.

12. Add a donation button to your website

If you produce quality content on your site, you can add a donation button on your site, asking your site visitors to donate a few cents or more if they like your site content. With a simple PayPal donate button you can achieve this.

You may not be religious, but the good book states “ask and you shall get”

13. Sell websites (flipping)

Are you familiar with the term called flipping of websites. You can make money by building and selling websites using platforms like or All you simply have to do is to build a website, grow it to an extent, then flip it, and use the money to build another one if you want or you can start something else.

14. Create a ‘Hire Me’ page

As a website owner, over time you will develop some skills, which will increase your earning power. You can therefore set up a hire me page on your website as a freelancer and offer your services for a fee.

Depending on your skills level and the demographic of your website visitors, you can get someone hire you, and you will provide the services, thereby giving you the opportunity to earn extra income from what your website is already generating. You can also offer this services on freelance websites like Fiveer, Upwork, Toptal etc., using the platforms to reach out to more client base and also earning more money in the process.

15. Run a membership forum

You can simply turn your website into a member’s only website by producing contents you can charge members for, by using free WordPress plugin like bbpress.  You can decide the type of fees you will charge, if it will be monthly or annually and also if the membership benefit will be consummate with the subscription fee you charge.

16. Generate Leads for Other Companies

Every business both online or offline are always preoccupied with growth, so they are always on the lookout for creative ways on how to generate more sales if they have more leads redirected to their business. You can help provide these leads, by redirecting your site visitors to third party websites that wants to generate leads for their business.

For a better understanding, if your website writes about insurance policies for instance, and you have an opt-in form where you collect your readers email addresses or phone numbers, an insurance company will be willing to pay you money if they can send messages to your list as prospective buyers of their policies.

Lead generation may seem similar to affiliate marketing, but the difference is that in lead generation, your leads would not have to buy anything before you get paid, while in affiliate marketing they would have to buy a product before you can earn a commission.

You can check out any of the below platforms and see if you can generate leads for them and earn some extra money from your website.

  • MaxBounty
  • Neverblue
  • Peerfly

17. Monetization widgets

Closely related to Google AdSense is monetisation widgets. This is a relatively new method on how you can make money with a website, but that should not stop you from checking it out, as they can either compliment your Google AdSense revenue or they could serve as an alternative.

18. RSS feed ads.

You might probably have not heard about this method, but you can set up your RSS feed and accompany them with adverts. Advertisers will pay you to have their adverts in your RSS feed.

19. Create a job board

You can help companies place their job vacancies on your website, if you create a job board. You will get paid by the companies to use your job board, and the increase traffic of visitors coming to your site because of the job vacancy publications will also increase your earnings from advertisement already running on your website.

20. Sell or rent internal pages

This is also a very new method, as it is not popular yet, but there are many people who are willing to buy or rent an internal page of your website.

21. Use content lockers

Similar to premium or membership content is content locking, where you make some content on your site unavailable to your site visitors, until they have performed a predetermined task. It can be anything from sharing a content or clicking on an advert, whatever the predetermined task is, before they can access the content of their interest.

22. Display audio ads

This is another new kid on the block and it is becoming more and more popular every day. You can simply do more research on display audio adverts and add it as one of the ads revenue mix of your website.

23. Offer coupons

Everyone is always interest in discount and promo codes, you can find affiliate offers for discount and promo codes, offer the coupons to your site visitors and you will earn commission when they redeem the coupon codes. Who does not like to get a discount on the items they buy regularly? You can make money offering coupon codes on your website, with your affiliate code embedded in them.

24. Host polls on your website

Yes, you read this right. You can host polls on your website and make money doing it.

25. Offer writing gigs

If you are good in writing you can offer writing services to companies and get paid doing it. Depending on the industry, you can make as much as $30 or even much higher for a 500-1000 words article. Aside from you writing the content, there are also offers to translate already written contents to other languages. It all depends on your skills and your willingness to take advantage of opportunities out there.

26. Sell to email subscribers

Closely related to lead generation method is building an email list, which will become your most loyal customers in the future. Building an email list, though a long term goal, eventually becomes very profitable, as through time you would have built a list of loyal customers you can easily market to. So if for instance you create an online course or an eBook, you already have a list of dedicated and loyal customers that will easily buy from you.

If you want to build a very useful email list that will be profitable in the future, you should start by building a relationship with them. A first step towards building this relationship is not to spam them with unsolicited mails, but by offering them valuable and free information, as spamming people with unsolicited offers is likely to lead to abuse of trust, thereby denying you the long term benefits of building the email list.

Final Thoughts

This is definitely a very long list of how you can make money with a website, you may already have been familiar with some and some others are new or rather strange to you, but no matter what it is, there is actually something to learn here, as this methods are just a tip of the iceberg, with much more to come in our subsequent posts.

Apply any of them or combination of some will definitely put you on the league of the weblords who make money with their website, notwithstanding if they are asleep or awake. If you have the passion to follow through, you can join the league also.

Our duty is to provide you with massive value, but what you do with it is entire up to you. Do you want your website to be another web page on the internet or you want to make money with it? Then take the bold step and implement the methods that are relevant to your niche and that resonates with your website audience.

What is your thoughts with regards to this practical guide and do you have any business idea you want us to write about? Let us know in the comment section.


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