10 of the most visited websites in the World

the most visited websites in the world
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Modern people do not see their lives without the Internet. It has taken a firm place in our daily lives. We can no longer imagine how we could even live without such a giant source of information.

In the World Wide Web, you can find a lot of useful, interesting, there is a variety of data. A network is a place where you can find answers to different questions, ways of communication, the interaction between people.

Here they find relatives, close friends and make new friends. You can also improve your knowledge, find a job, sell or buy useful things, order services, and more through the Internet. In general, it is an opportunity to be aware of all events, to feel like a full member of society.

Everyone is constantly enjoying the benefits of civilization, without thinking about how it works. Every day, global brands are winning the hearts of new visitors. In each country, there are their favorites. Let’s first consider which sites are considered the most popular in the world.

The Most Visited Websites in the World 2019/2020

Today, there are many different portals competing for the title of the best. The ranking used data from one of the most respected sources of statistics: similarweb.com , moz.com , alexa.com. According to their indicators, Google is the absolute leader with a record that is difficult for anyone to break.

Moreover, to compile statistics of all Google international domains, which are presented separately in the statistics. It shows the impressive growth rate of its popularity in the world. And, if you compare requests on a computer or mobile, then on different devices in Google they have more than several times.

Despite the fact that the number is quite high and it is getting bigger, it is not necessary to ignore other search engines. Along with search engines are social networks. The following is a myriad of other resources.

By the way, Wikipedia also uses data from the same sources for statistics, there is a very illustrative table with flags of countries to which sites from the list of popular ones belong.

The Alexa rating is calculated based on their 1-month traffic level. The 1-month rank is calculated using a combination of average monthly visitors and pageviews of the last month. The site with the largest combination of visitors and page views ranks first:

Rank Website Daily time on site Daily pageviews per user % of search traffic The number of sitelinks
1 Google.com 7,18 7,94 4,60% 3 906 801
2 Youtube.com 8,10 4,68 15,70% 2 972 831
3 Facebook.com 10,58 4,15 8,20% 7 730 654
4 Baidu.com 7,08 5,62 8,80% 191 392
5 Wikipedia.org 4,16 3,32 66,20% 2 116 780
6 Yahoo.com 3,56 3,48 7,80% 745 262
7 Reddit.com 15,48 9,94 16,40% 524 139
8 Google.co.in 6,44 9,78 0,60% 32 881
9 Qq.com 4,37 3,76 4,50% 355 379
10 Taobao.com 7,59 3,93 5,80% 65 079

The most visited website in the world remains Google. Without Google as hands-free – for many years now, the Google site is not one of the top leaders but is the most sought-after resource for search, mail service, cloud storage, and more. And this fact is confirmed by the official statistics of Similar Web.

In 2017 alone, the resource had more than 26.5 billion unique hits across the globe, given adapted regional versions such as, for example, the Ukrainian version of the resource.

It is noteworthy that today there is a rapid increase in the share of mobile traffic, which is already twice the share of traffic from computers. Google.com has made mobile users comfortable.

Second in the “Most visited sites in the world” category is YouTube , it is the popular streaming platform with billions of users and views daily, also hosted by the same Google. And “bronze” goes to the most massive social networking site Facebook, which has already become a large-scale multifunctional business site.

  • Google

Not only at the very top of the list of top sites but also among the most widely represented domains is a company that is probably already known on Mars – Google. Overall, Google services ranks first and 14th among the 50 most popular sites worldwide.

  • YouTube

Second place also goes to one of Google’s services, a YouTube video portal that has been owned by the American concern for several years.

  • Facebook

In third place – the service is probably also known to the vast majority of users. This is a social networking site for Facebook.

  • Baidu

In the CIS little known search engine Baidu.com, but this did not prevent her from becoming the fourth most popular service in the world ranking. This is a Chinese search service that can find not only websites but also MP3 files.

  • Wikipedia

Fifth place is the well-known online encyclopedia Wikipedia.org.

Overall, search engines, social networks, video portals, as well as online stores and marketplaces like eBay are among the 50 most popular sites worldwide.

However, interest in porn sites has begun to decline. Two relevant pages are only in the last positions of the rating.

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