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Top Beach Businesses to Start in 2022

Sunshine is the best medicine and with a world that is gradually coming out of the pandemic, now is the best time to consider top beach businesses to start in 2022 and beyond, as people all over the world are all geared up to enjoy the sunshine in their next holiday, so as at least to make up for the lost time of 2020.
You may be tempted to join the rush to book for your next holiday, but it is also a good time to take a look at the top beach businesses to start on your own, so you can earn and bask in the sunshine at the same time, if you decide to go on holiday, or better still use the opportunity that tourists and beach goers offer, to build up a strong business to compensate for the economic downturn, that was as a result of the global lock-down.

In this practical guide, we will be looking at top beach businesses to start in 2022 and beyond, and not just the business ideas, but how you can also go about starting and scaling up the business. We have always made a promise and commitment, which is to provide massive value through the well –researched information that will help you get started quickly in business.

Beaches all over the world are not just lines of palm trees or a place to enjoy sunshine, they also offer a plethora of business opportunities, with each of the opportunities having huge potentials of becoming a major business, if you are passionate and determined enough to make the business a success.
Our duty is to help you highlight the opportunities and provide the information that will help you get started with the beach business of your interest. Some of the top beach businesses to start in 2022 are as follows:

1. Food shack/café
2. Hostel/accommodation hunts
3. Surfing
4. Photo studio/booth
5. Shuttle services
6. Sports shop
7. Cruises
8. Gift shop
9. Rental shop
10. Tour guide
11. Boat rental
12. Boat cleaning service
13. Surf /swimming lessons
14. Bike and scooter rental
15. Mobile advertising
16. Child care
17. Drink cart
18. Travel blogger
19. Travel YouTube Channel
20. Face painting
21. Event planner
22. Event entertainer
23. Clothes shop
24. Yoga instructor
25. Translator
26. Private escort/security service
27. Online lodge booking
28. Horse rental
29. Sale of homemade accessories
30. Delivery service

The list of top beach businesses in 2022 to start is in no way exhaustive, but we are confident, there are lots of options to pick from and get started with your own business.
However, it must be noted that starting any business, no matter the state or country requires that some basic steps and procedures be followed, before you can legally run your business. You may decide to run your business as a hobby and not go through with the legal processes, but if you are serious about your beach business and want to make a fortune from it, it then becomes imperative that you have to first comply with the following processes.

a. Register your Business: Every state or country have slightly different requirements for business registrations, but the basic forms of business legal structure, which are sole proprietorship, limited liability partnership and Limited Liability Company, remains the same everywhere. It is then important that you seek the advice of a lawyer to counsel you on the best form of business legal structure that will be best suited for your business.

b. Apply and obtain Permits/Licenses/Insurance: With your business registration out of the way, the next stage is to contact your state chamber of commerce or relevant trade associations to find out about the types of permits or licenses, your chosen beach business idea requires and apply for them accordingly. For instance, foods and drinks are in a regulated industry, you should then find out the requisite permits and licenses. Once you have apply and obtained your permits and licenses, it is now time to contact an insurance broker so as to advice you on the best form of insurance policy that your business will require.

c. Write a Business Plan: There is a trap that many new entrepreneurs are liable to fall into, which is the trap of not writing a business plan. Don’t fall into this trap, as your business plan, will serve as the road map and compass for your new business, and you would not want to embark on a journey, without knowing the direction you are heading.

d. Source for Funding: Depending on the scale of the beach business you want to start, there may be need for you to source for funds to start your new business and the available options for accessing funds will be your personal savings, loan from friends and family, loan from banks or investors or grants.

e. Market your Business: Nobody will know or patronise your business if they don’t know about it. So you will want to set up a comprehensive plan on how you intend to market your new business, which may be the traditional or innovative marketing methods.

The main aim of this practical guide is to highlight the top beach businesses to start in 2022 and not how to start a business. If you want a detailed information on how to start any business of your choice, we already have a post that discussed that in detail. You can check it out here:
We have provided the information you need on how to get started in any of the top beach businesses, so let us now look at each of the businesses in details.

1. Food Shack/Café
One of the top beach businesses to start is a food shack or café, where you can sell packaged foods and snacks to beach goers. There are high possibilities that not everyone going to the beach go with food, or even those who go with food, might get hungry. They may also want to try out some local or international foods. You will never go wrong with food, so if you have the skills to cook you can make a fortune, and you also not necessarily have to cook the food, as you can buy the food and sell at a margin and make a profit. You can also hire a caterer to cook and package the foods, while you sell and make your profit.

2. Hostel/Accommodation Hunts
You can offer accommodation for sleep overs for beach goers or offer hunts to shield them from the blazing sun and get paid for your services. When people go on holiday they need a place to stay, you can take advantage of this and provide them a suitable accommodation.
3. Surfing
You can open a surf shop where beach goers can rent every equipment they need for surfing. People don’t go to the beach every day, so it is not a good investment for them to buy surfing equipment, but if you can offer them the opportunity to rent the equipment, then you will be in business for a long time renting surfing equipment.
4. Photo Studio/Booth
Memories are always cherished for a life time, you can help beach goers preserve these memories by opening a photo studio/booth, where you can make portraits and other photo frames, which will help your customers/beach goers preserve their memories for a life time.
5. Shuttle/Taxi Services
People don’t travel out of their country and in some cases their state for holiday driving, there are all indications then that they will be needing shuttle or taxi services to enable them move around, from their hotel/accommodation to the beach and other places they want to visit. Offering them the shuttle service is a big business opportunity.
6. Sports Shop
Opening a sports shop by the beach will no doubt become a huge income earner for you and your business. You can sell items ranging from jerseys, football, volleyball nets, etc. The aim of most people visiting the beach is to have fun, if you can position yourself to provide the equipment and tools, to have the fun, then you will be in business for a long time.

7. Cruises
You can start a business to provide boat cruise for beach goers. It is so much fun to be on a boat cruise to move people from one point to the other, with music blasting from the boat. You will charge a fee for everyone going on the cruise and the amount you will charge will depend if you will be providing food and drinks.
8. Gift Shop
Opening a gift shop is one of the top beach businesses to start, as beach goers are always looking forward for a gift item like a souvenir or momento to take back home or a gift for a loved one or colleagues who could not come with them on the trip.
9. Rental Shop
You can open a rental shop where people can rent items ranging from bikinis, trunks, life jackets, softballs, etc. Families and students who come to the beach for instance needs play time and may not have to carry balls or nets as part of their travel luggage, so they will be glad to rent the items from your shop.
10. Tour Guide
You can provide a guided tour of your beach town to places of attraction and get paid offering this service to tourists.
11. Boat Rental
You can provide boat rental services to beach goers or tourists, who want to enjoy the waters on their own, without having a join a public boat cruise.
12. Boat Cleaning Service
Littered around beaches all over the world are private boats, you can start a boat cleaning services, by helping boat owners clean their boats after their fishing expeditions or cruises.

13. Surf /Swimming Lessons
You can start a business offering surfing and swimming lessons, as no beach goer or tourist will want to drown by not knowing how to swim and they will also not want to have a beach outing without getting into the waters simply because they don’t know how to swim. So you can see the prospects if you decide to start a business offering surfing and swimming lessons.
14. Bike and Scooter Rental
Essence of most activities in the beach is to have fun, you can start a bike and scooter rental service.
15. Mobile Advertising
Depending on how busy a beach is, local businesses may want to advertise their businesses. You can start a mobile advertising business by using bicycles, carts and even boats for instance as forms of advertising. All you have to do is offer advert space to local businesses and they will place their adverts on the spaces you provide.
16. Child Care
You can start a child care business in a beach town. Most often, people visit beach towns with the whole family. But depending on the age of the family members, the adults may want to have a night out without the kids, this will offer you the opportunity to offer child care services for the kids and get paid doing it.
17. Drink Cart
Nothing is as refreshing as having a chilled drink in the beach under the blazing sun, particularly when the drink is brought directly to you, without you have to break up your activity or walking long distance to the next drink booth to buy one. So you can start a drink cart business, pushing your cart around the beach selling drinks on the beach and walkways.
18. Travel Blogger
If you are good at writing, you can start a travel blog and monetise the blog with AdSense or sponsored posts. All you need is to simply get a hosting plan and a domain name, and you will be in business writing your travel blog. However if you don’t have flair for writing, you can use platforms like Fiveer to get writers to help you write the posts for a small fee.
19. Travel YouTube Channel
Closely related to starting a travel blog is also starting a Travel YouTube channel and use the channel to share your knowledge about travels and monetise the channel with AdSense and the sale of merchandise. If you are good enough in producing quality contents, you will grow the channel in no time and make tons of money.
20. Face Painting
There are events that takes place in the beach and for the sake of fun, people may want to have the theme of the event painted on their faces. If you are good with painting, you can offer this service and make money doing it.
21. Event Planner
If you are good with planning an event, you can start an event planning company, organizing events at the beach and charge gate fees for the events. You can get artists and other entertainers to perform during the events, and the profile of the artists and entertainers that will be performing will determine the amount you will charge for the events.
22. Event Entertainer
Aside starting an event planning company, you can become an event entertainer if you have the talent. You can do a circus show, juggling, balloon art or any form of entertainment you can provide for tourists and get paid doing it.
23. Clothes Shop
One of the top beach businesses to start is a clothes shop. For instance you can make and sell themed based or customised T-Shirts. If your beach town have a uniqueness or something they are known for, you can use it to produce themed based and customised clothes and sell to tourists.
24. Yoga Instructor
If you are a yoga instructor, you can upgrade your services by offering your classes in the beach. This will make your services unique and you can charge a premium fee for this.
25. Translator
If you are good with languages you can start a business offering translation services to tourists. It is always a tough call visiting a destination, where you don’t understand a word from the language. Tourists will be so happy paying you if you can offer translation services for them.
26. Private Escort/Security Service
You can start a security service company and provide escort services and security for high profile tourists. Insecurity in many countries is becoming a reason why people no longer want to go to the beach, if you can provide escort or security, there will be lots of people queuing up for your company to provide the service.
27. Online Lodge Booking
Most tourists are likely to book for their hotels and accommodation before travelling to a beach town. You can start a business offering online lodge booking service for tourists.
28. Horse Rental
You can start a Horse rental business for tourists. It is so much fun when tourists ride on the horses at the beach. You can start a horse rental business and charge tourists per minutes to ride on the horses.
29. Sale of Homemade Accessories
You can offer homemade accessories like jewellery, knitting’s, bags, etc. at the beach or during events at the beach for tourists and beach goers. So if you can make some items, why not start a business selling them.
30. Delivery Service
You can start a delivery service company and help tourists with your groceries or carryout, as the chances are high that the tourists don’t have their own vehicles.

Final thoughts
We have through this practical guide highlighted top beach businesses to start in 2022 and beyond. We also provided details on how to set up and start a business so as to enable you legally operate any of the beach business idea that is of interest to you. The big question right now is, are you willing to take advantage of the information provided? Will you be among those people who only read and not take action? Do you have want it takes to make the all- important decision of starting your own business? You can prove it by taking the bold step right now. Action is cure.
What are your thoughts with regards to this practical guide and do you have any business idea you want us to write about? Let us know on the comment section.

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