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Top Fashion Business Ideas to start in 2022


What are the top fashion Business ideas to start in 2022? Will it be profitable to start a fashion business? Is there a way to test how viable the top fashion business ideas to start in 2022 are? Will the fashion industry ever become obsolete, even if the ideas have been tested? How passionate are you about fashion and business? Have you ever considered turning your skills and passion into a business?

Will technology and the ever changing trends and fads affect our need for fashion? The truth however remains that times may change, trends and fads may come and go, but fashion will never go out of fashion. If you have ever thought of how you can turn your love for fashion into a business, this is the right time, do not hesitate or wait another minute before you can decide to get started. Kindly read this post and you will be forever grateful that you did.

In this post, we will be looking at the top fashion business ideas you can start in 2022 and beyond. When we talk about fashion, we are not necessarily talking about becoming the world next acclaimed fashion designer or opening the next Gucci or Versace shop, but rather, we are talking about an industry that is as wide as the ocean, with ripples spreading forth in the form of clothes, belts, watches, shoes, make-up, modelling, fragrances/perfumes, consultancy, photography, etc.

So for the purposes of this post, we will not be focusing on how to start a business or the processes of registering a business, so if you want to know how you can start your own business, you can read the detailed guide here: , rather, we will be looking at top fashion business ideas you can convert into a profitable business of your own in 2022 and beyond.

The top fashion business ideas you can start  as listed below is not exhaustive and exclusive, but we are sure, that you can definitely pick up one or two ideas from the list and get started immediately with your own fashion business.

  1. Make or sell clothes
  2. Make or sell shoes
  3. Make or sell belts
  4. Make or sell hand bags
  5. Sell wrist watches
  6. Manufacture or sell jewelries
  7. Make or sell perfumes
  8. Start a fashion school or teach fashion classes
  9. Become a fashion consultant
  10. Organize fashion events
  11. Start a fashion blog
  12. Become a model or start a modelling agency
  13. Start a fashion radio talk show/podcast
  14. Design an app for fashion business
  15. Start a web design company for fashion retailers


  1. Make or sell clothes (a clothing line)

The first idea to always come to mind when we talk about fashion is clothes. So clothes will always remain our top fashion business idea of all time. You can start your own fashion business, by either making or selling clothes. Starting a clothing line is very vast, as you only you will have to decide, if you will be focusing on T-Shirts, Suits, corporate wears, Bridal wears, Sports Wears, Under wears, Ties, etc. You can make your decision based on your skills level and available resources, but there is always a way to get started. The easiest way to start a clothing line, if you decide on a T-Shirt or Hoodies clothing line, is to use print on demand platforms like Teemill or Printiful to get started, by having your designs uploaded to the site using their mock-ups, so when orders are made on the site, the print on demand platform will handle the printing and delivery of the orders, and you will earn your easy money.

  1. Make or sell shoes

Another top fashion business idea is to make or sell shoes. There will always be need for shoes, as aside from religious reasons, where some sects may not wear shoe as part of their rituals, billions of people all over the world wear shoes. If you have the finances, you can start your own shoe manufacturing company, or you can decide to sell shoes already made by others. If you have your own shoe designs and don’t have the funds to start your own shoe manufacturing company, you can use platform like Alibaba to find manufacturers who can turn your design prototypes to real shoes. You can also reach out to wholesalers also and negotiate supply agreement deals with them, and start selling shoes, either from your store, your website, or you can simply use the drop shipping business model for your shoe business.

  1. Make or sell belts.

Belts will always remain a fashion accessory, so you can start your journey into the fashion business world, by making or selling belts. You can either manufacture your own belts and sell, or you can buy them from other manufacturers or wholesalers, and you will be carving your name in the field of fashion.

  1. Make or sell hand bags

There is a saying that you can never fathom or understand the love affair between a woman and her hand bag. It implies then, that so long as there will be women on the face of the earth, there will always be a market for hand bags. It must be noted however, that not only women carry hand bags, as there are other hand bags made for men. So why not begin to take your own slice of the fashion profit pie today by starting to make or sell your own handbags.

  1. Sell wrist watches

No fashionista leaves home without a wrist watch at most, as wrist watches are considered as top fashion accessories. The process of manufacturing a wrist watch involves some technical skills and huge funds, but you don’t need to manufacture your own wrist watch, if you don’t have to. You can simply start your own fashion business by selling wrist watches. There are many markets and sources, out there where you can get access to wrist watches and start selling, it all depends, if your interest is on selling high end or low end wrist watches. The bottom line is that selling wrist watches will remain a top fashion business idea you can start in 2022.

  1. Manufacture or sell jewelries

Jewelries as a fashion accessory will always stand out, so why not get started in the fashion business world, by either manufacturing or selling your own jewelries. If you don’t have the resources to manufacture your own jewelries and decide to start selling, it may not be a very good idea to start selling jewelries online, unless you are dealing on low grade jewelries, but if you want to deal on expensive jewelries, it will be very good to open a jewellery shop, so customers can walk in and make their choices. You can also start cheaply manufacturing your own jewelries, with plastics and other materials and not necessarily with silver or gold, if you have what it takes to do so.

  1. Make or sell perfumes

Perfumes will always remain one of my favourite top fashion business idea. Perfumes enhances confidence, so the likelihood of wearing one by all and sundry is always very high. The process of making perfumes is not a very difficult one, but if you don’t have the where withal to manufacture your own perfumes, there are many companies out there, who can help you achieve this, by simply manufacturing the perfumes with your own brand name. You can also get started with retailing perfumes by buying from wholesalers and sell them, either through your physical or online shop. For instance, you can use Amazon FBA business model to start your own perfume business.

  1. Start a fashion school or teach fashion classes

If you have well enough knowledge about fashion business or the fashion industry, you can start your own fashion school or start teaching fashion classes by creating a course and sell it online. Are you very good with designs? What fashion tips do you know? How can you help many improve their fashion sense? What specialised knowledge do you have with regards to fashion designing and fashion business? Why not convert it into a course or start your own fashion school. There are standard fashion design schools in major cities like New York, Milan, Paris and London, etc., for instance,  you can use them as models and start your own fashion design school and get people to enrol, so they can learn all they can about fashion designing. So depending on your pedigree as a fashion designer, your fashion design school or courses if done properly, can within a short period of time become a household name.

  1. Become a fashion consultant

You can become a fashion consultant and make a lot of money. Every day, celebrities, politicians and models, are always on the cross road, when it comes to matters like, what is the best colour combinations, the best clothes to wear for that special occasion or appearance, the best form of accessories to go with a particular piece of clothing etc.,. If you have the skills, you can become a fashion consultant and help them solve this their daily dilemma.

  1. Organise fashion events

As we have already stated, you don’t have to be the next Gucci or Versace to become a player in the fashion industry. If you have organisational skills, you can get deeply involved in the fashion business world, by organising your own fashion events. For instance, you can organise fashion exhibitions or run way events, where fashion designers will come to showcase their designs.

  1. Start a fashion blog/magazine

If you are a good writer and have some knowledge about fashion business, you then don’t need to start your own clothing line or start manufacturing jewelries before you can get involved in fashion business, you can simply start your fashion blog or magazine. Starting a fashion blog will be easier to accomplish than starting a fashion magazine, unless you decide to publish an online fashion magazine. But if your interest is to start a fashion blog, all you simply have to do is get a domain name and hosting, do a little research online about blogging and you are already on your way to becoming a household name in the fashion industry.

  1. Become a model or start a modelling agency

Do you have the stunning and astonishing looks that makes heads twist and turn, each time they walk pass you? Why not become a model then, and start modelling for fashion companies or modelling products. It must be stated however, that there are different ways you can model, not just necessarily clothes, as you can model sun glasses, shoes, wrist watches, make up products, etc.

Okay, I get it, you don’t have the stunning looks, but you still have interest in fashion and modelling? Why not start your own modelling agency and start scouting for models and supply them to fashion houses to model their products. All it takes to be in fashion business, is to have an idea and convert it to business, and that is the reason we are dishing out the ideas here. How many of the ideas are you willing to convert into a business?

  1. Start a fashion radio talk show/podcast

If your strength is in talking and not writing, you can equally start your own fashion talk show or podcast.  You may not know so much about fashion, but you can simply start a talk show or podcast by inviting top fashion icons to come and talk about fashion and their life. It is that simple, it only requires you putting on your thinking cap and to see the big picture.

  1. Design an app for fashion business

If you have the technical skills, you can build a fashion business app that gives fashion tips for instance or an app to showcase latest fashion trends. But when it comes to building an app, you don’t need to have the technical skill to build one, you can simply use platforms like Upwork or Toptal to find talents that will help you build your app. The big question is, do you have a fashion app idea? Why not go ahead and build it right now and become a major player in the fashion world.

  1. Start a web design company for fashion retailers

Closely related to building a fashion business app is the building of websites for fashion retailers. There are many people just like you who are either in the fashion business or who wants to get started in fashion business. People starting out in fashion business need websites to display their products, so you can start your own fashion business by helping them to build their own websites. There is no doubt that servicing top players in the fashion industry, will put you in their circle, and what happens, when you are in the fashion business cycle? You will also become a known name and face in the fashion world.

Final thoughts

We can confidently state that we have done justice and provided massive value by highlighting the top fashion business ideas you can start in 2022 and profit from it. The list may not be very exhaustive, but we are doubly sure that anyone who is as interested as you are in the fashion business world, will at least find one or town ideas they can run with from the list.

But the big question is, do you have what it takes to get started? Are you willing to step out from your comfort zone into the business world? If you are told there is an idea in the list that will not fail as a business, will you be willing to start your business with that idea? You can read as many guides as this as possible, but if you are not willing to take any action, everything will remain the same. Can we count on you to take that all important step and start your own fashion business? Your action will tell.

What are your thoughts with regards to this practical guide and do you have any business idea you want us to write about? Let us know in the comment session.







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