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 Top Paying Work from Home Jobs in 2022


Having an idea about top paying work from home jobs in 2022, is perhaps one of the best piece of information everyone should lay their hands on right now. The pandemic has greatly impacted on the way we commute and work, as more and more people are now comfortable working remotely. Working from home is one side of the coin, while knowing the top paying work from home jobs, you can focus your attention on is the other side of the coin.

For the purposes of this practical guide, we have curated a long list of the top paying work from home jobs, so you can use your resources and the tools at your disposal to make significant income, as there are no guaranties that the world will ever go back to the way it was pre-pandemic.

In this practical guide on top paying work from home jobs, we will not be focusing on the processes of getting your business registered or getting the necessary permits to start a business, we have already covered such details in this post here:

So without much ado, below are the top paying work from home jobs in 2022 and beyond.

  1. Write a blog
  2. Design websites
  3. Test websites
  4. SEO services
  5. Freelance writer
  6. Virtual assistant
  7. Translating services
  8. Proofreading
  9. Start a YouTube channel
  10. Social media manager
  11. Flipping of websites and domains
  12. Wedding planner
  13. Graphic designer
  14. Gardening services
  15. Making of greeting cards
  16. Knitting
  17. Teaching courses online
  18. Computer repairs
  19. Biscuit and sweet making
  20. Market research
  21. Voice over artist
  22. Childcare
  23. House cleaning
  24. Pet grooming/dog walking
  25. Online referral expert
  26. Teaching music lessons
  27. Drop shipping business


  1. Write a blog

Starting a blog has become more and more easy, you can take advantage of the free resources online and start working from home and make passive income from writing a blog. You simply need a domain name and hosting service to start writing your blog. You can use platforms like WordPress or Squarespace to start your blog by getting your domain and hosting. If you buy your hosting with Bluehost, you will get a free domain for one year with the hosting.  There are also free platforms like BlogSpot, to help you get started with your blogging journey.

As someone starting out with writing a blog, if you are not good at writing, or don’t know how to do keyword research, so as to get topic ideas, you can set up RSS feed on your site to pull contents from different sites, which you can simply edit and publish, or you can also use services like Google alerts to get topic ideas.

If you need help on how to start your own blog or writing the contents for your blog, you can reach out to us here:

  1. Design websites

You can start a website design agency at home and make good money. All you simply have to do is to advertise your services and you will start getting clients, you will get paid as you deliver their websites to them. You can make it part of your website designing services package by asking your clients to refer others to you, and pay them a commission for every client they refer to you. There are also other third party sites like Fiveer or Upwork, where you can offer your web designing services and get paid for each work you successfully deliver.

  1. Test websites

You can offer website testing services by helping companies test their websites for bugs and also correction of typographical errors. This service will earn you a lot of money if you look at the right places for companies or individuals who wants their websites tested for bugs. You can use sites like to source for companies that wants their sites tested. So check out the site for terms and conditions, so you can start earning money, while still on your pyjamas, testing websites.

  1. SEO services

SEO services though requires a bit of technical knowledge, but if you can master the skills, you will make lots of money, offering SEO services working from home. The dream of every website is to rank on Google first page, so if you can help them achieve this by putting them on Google first page, you will be paid handsomely.

  1. Freelance writer

You can offer freelance writing and make money from home if you have the writing skills. You can write for platforms like Quora, Medium, opera news hub etc., and get paid, if you are good with your writing. You can also get writing jobs in Fiveer. So what is stopping you, why not start today and start earning good money with your writing skills.

  1. Virtual assistant

The pandemic made it indeed clear that you can actually work from home and make money. If you have organizing skills or you are someone that pays close attention to details, you can start offering your services as a virtual assistant, offering services like receptionist and accounting. If you want to start your own virtual assistant business in 2022, you can check out this post here on how to get started.

  1. Translating services

Are you good with languages, you can offer translating services for companies and other small businesses. There are instances where businesses receive documents in foreign languages and they want them translated, if you are good with languages you can offer this service from home and make money.

You can still offer translating services even if you don’t know anything about the language. All you simply have to do is go to freelance websites, where translating jobs are needed, then bid for the jobs and use services like Google translate or website like and get the job done, while collecting your easy payments.

  1. Proofreading

Do you have an eye for spotting errors or are you good in reconstructing grammar? Then you should be offering proofreading services. There are many sites where proofreading services are offered, doing a simple search online will come up with hundreds of companies that needs proofreading services, simply apply for them, when you get approved, you will get paid when you deliver on the job.

Please note that you will have to be detailed while setting up your profile in the proofreading job sites, highlighting your key skills, as this will increase your chances of getting hired for a proofreading job.

  1. Start a YouTube channel

One of the hottest cakes right now in the market is YouTube channels. You can start a YouTube channels right inside your bedroom or from any corner of your house. Gone are the days where you will need expensive cameras, lights, microphone to get started, as you can easily achieve this now with just your smartphone.

You can even start your YouTube channel without ever having to show your face on the camera. To achieve this, you only have to simply produce your content and use a voice over software for the voicing or if you have basic video editing skills, you can start your YouTube channel by compiling free stock images and royalty free music to produce contents to upload to your YouTube channel, without ever having to show your face if you are camera shy.

  1. Social media manager

The world at it is right now can no survive without social media, so if you are good with digital marketing, you can simply become a social media manager, by helping businesses manage their social media channels, by carrying out tasks such as content creation, responding to comments and creating brand awareness for the business. You can help as many businesses manage their social media channels and get paid large sum of money monthly doing this with just your smartphone or laptop.

The beauty of social media management is that you can use tools like Modeshare, Hootsuite, Buffer, etc., to automate part of the process, thereby making the job very easy.

  1. Flipping of websites and domains

One of the top paying work from home jobs is called flipping of websites and domains. Flipping simply means buying and selling of websites and domains. For instance, if you can build a website, grow it to a stage, you can then flip it using a site like  You can also buy expired or expiring domains and flip them for a higher price than you got them.

  1. Wedding planner

You can offer wedding planning services to couples if you are good at planning events, and most of the planning task can be done from the comfort of your home. You may only have to meet with the couples, when there is need for it or if you are making purchases that cannot be done online or you are carrying out inspections of venues or facilities. The beauty of a wedding planning job is that there are software’s that are out there to make your job so easy and simple.

  1. Graphic designer

The pandemic led to many businesses moving online, which means that new logos, branding materials and contents are needed more than ever. If you are good with graphic designing, you can take advantage of this upward trend and provide professional graphic design services.

Aside from the clients you will get from advertising your services, you can also use freelance platforms like Fiveer to get clients. There are more tools like or other logo generators out there that will help make your work very easy.

  1. Gardening services

If you live in a very good neighbourhood and you know a thing or two about gardens, you can offer gardening services, not just to people around you, but also people far and wide, as you can offer advice online on how to take care of certain species of flowers for instance, or you can offer practical gardening services like watering, grooming and trimming. What you can do with gardening services depends on your skills levels and how willing you want to go in ensuring that your business succeeds.

  1. Making of greeting cards

If you are good with crafts or you are an artist, you can make greeting cards and supply them to supermarkets and shops around. Aside the physical greeting cards, you can also make digital versions of the cards and sell them worldwide. All that is required is for you to come up with catchy and emotional words, then boom, you are in business making and selling greeting cards all over the world.

There is no doubt that greeting cards sell more during seasons, but if you can come up with the right and emotion provoking words, there will always be a need for greeting cards, both in season and out of season.

  1. Knitting

Back in the days, knitting used to be seen as past time of grandma’s, but that is no longer the case, so if you can knit, either as a hobby or professionally, you can grow a big business, using your spare time to knit. There are always opportunities all around us, everything depends on your ability to harness your skills and resources to generate passive income, while doing what makes you happy. So if you have been knitting as a hobby, this is the time to turn it into a big business.

  1. Teaching courses online

Do you have any expert knowledge or skill? Then you can convert your skill into a course and easily teach and sell the course online. You can teach the course as a webinar or produce a video or eBook and sell the course online. You can also take advantage of platforms like Udemy, to sell your course and reach more audience, the only drawback of using a platform like Udemy, is that you will not be in direct control of how much to charge for the course, but if you are not comfortable with such arrangements, there are other platforms, where you can host your courses or you can create your own independent platform of your choice, and all of this can be done without you leaving your home.

  1. Computer repairs

Do you have the technical skills to repair computers or other gadgets, then you can start a business repairing them from your garage or from a corner of your house. You will likely get your first customers from your friends and family members, who will then tell other about your repair business, and before you know it, your name will be all over the place as the guy who fixes things.

You can also decide to make the business big, by advertising your services and if you are not comfortable with customers coming into your home, you can set up a pick-up and delivery service, where items can be picked up from the customers and delivered to them after the repairs.

  1. Biscuit and sweet making

There is always a neighbourhood event or children party, so if you are good with baking, you can always bake cookies and biscuits and also make sweets and deliver to such parties and events. You can step up the business by producing and supplying your biscuits and sweets to corner shops or Mom and Pop shops.

  1. Market research

Companies are always carrying out market research on new products or new markets, you can have help in carrying out the market research, using surveys, pools, online questionnaire or any method or channel that is suitable for you. The offers are out there, simply look for the ones that you have the skills for and register to get started and earn money doing it.

  1. Voice over artist

With a good voice and a recording software, which you can install on your laptop or desktop, you can provide services as a voice-over artist, producing jingles and other advert materials for businesses and individuals alike.

  1. Childcare

If you are good with children, you can help parents in your neighbourhood look after their children and wards, while they are out working, shopping or travelling. You can agree terms with them if the services you will provide will include meals for instance and bill them accordingly.

  1. House cleaning

The busyness of the modern working class families’ means that they don’t always have the time to do proper cleaning of their home, you can start a house cleaning service by moving from house to house doing cleaning and getting paid doing it.

  1. Pet grooming/dog walking

If you are good with dogs, you can help dog owners take their dogs for walks and get paid per hour. You can also include additional services like taking their pets to the vets or supply foods for their pets. How much you can do is limited by your imagination.

  1. Online referral expert

You can become an online referral expert by using affiliate marketing offers, such as the ones offered by platforms like Maxbounty to help businesses generate leads for their offers and get paid doing it.

  1. Teaching music lessons

How much of music do you know? If you are good in music, either in singing or playing an instrument, you can teach music lessons to neighbourhood kids or you can teach music lessons online.

  1. Drop shipping business

Drop shipping business is one of the quickest and easiest businesses you can start from home. All you simply need to do is to create an eCommerce platform or using existing platforms like Shopify, then use Oberlo or Alibaba to source for products, and you will have your drop shipping business up and running. All features platform like Shopify have drop shipping features integrated. So with just $29 monthly shop payment to Shopify and sourcing your products and importing them directly to your Shopify store front, your drop shipping business will be up and running with just some few clicks.

Final thoughts  

We have been able to highlight the top paying work from home jobs in this practical guide, and to be honest, there are lots of jewel in this guide. But in life and in every coin, there are two sides, our part is to provide value by writing guides such as this, while your duty is to take advantage of the information provided to get your business up and running.

Will you be willing to take advantage of the information provided here? Can we trust you enough to use the information here? It is totally up to you what you decide to do. But always remember that action is cure.

What are your thoughts with regards to this practical guide and is there any business idea you want us to write about? Let us know in the comment session.








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