Wakanda Nation Income Program: Make Money Online In Nigeria

Anyone who must have come across Wakanda Nation Income program on the internet probably had the intention of making money online. There is so many Wakanda Nation review online, but this post is not one of those whose sole aim is to refer you.

If you have heard of NNU income program, then Wakanda won’t be strange to you. NNU and Wakanda Nation are both income programs in Nigeria to make money online.

If you haven’t heard of NNU income program, then you should read about it. This post is all about Wakanda Nation program and how you can make money on the platform.

Wakanda Nation Income program

Many people must have fallen for a lot of online scams before. And if you don’t want to be a victim over and over again, then take time and read about Wakanda Nation income program before you decide to join or not.

What Is Wakanda Nation?

Wakanda Nation (wakanda.ng) is an online platform where you can get the latest or trending news. Wakanda Nation is registered with corporate affairs commission, NO:BN-2558110. It is owned and managed by Ladina Integrated Services and their office is based in Abuja.

That is just the main background check on them so you know they are legally registered with a physical office. I know you want to know how to make money online with Wakanda Nation income program by reading news or commenting, not so? You want to know too if Wakanda Nation is legit or scam? Just continue reading.

How To Make Money From Wakanda Nation Income Program

There are two ways to earn money online with Wakanda.ng, which are; WADS (Wakanda adverts-revenue sharing) and WAP (Wakanda affiliate program).

Wakanda Advert-Revenue Sharing

You can make money from WADS by participating in any of the following activities:

Daily Login

You will earn N50 (fifty naira) daily on your active account. This means that for every day you log in to your active account, you will be credited with N50. In a month you can earn up to N1500 by daily log in on wakanda.ng.

Sharing Sponsored Posts

You will earn N50 (fifty naira) for every sponsored post you share on your Facebook wall. Sponsored posts are assigned to you. It not just not any post you see on their website that you share and earn N50. So if you are thinking you will just be sharing posts up and down to earn much, you are missing it all.

Commenting on Posts

For every valid comment you make on wakanda.ng, you will earn N2 (two naira). That means for 30days, you will get N60 if you drop at least one valid comment daily. But the choice is yours to be commenting on many posts daily.

Wakanda Affiliate Program

WAP allows you to earn as an affiliate when you refer others to join the Wakanda Nation income program. You will earn N1000 (one thousand naira) for each person that registered through your referral link to join Wakanda Nation affiliate program.

How To Join Wakanda Nation Income Program

Let me clarify something here before I tell you how to join the program. You can’t and will never earn N1000 per referral if you register for free. You must pay a one-time registration fee of N1300 (one thousand three hundred naira).

The ball is with you to decide how you want to kick it. Will you pay N1300 or you will leave it? Although, money doesn’t come easy. In life, we must use money to get money. Wakanda Nation pays every Sunday of the month and withdrawal request is every Friday of the month if you reach the minimum payout of N4000.

Wakanda.ng Registration Procedure

Step 1. Visit the Wakanda.ng and register using your relevant and accurate details.

Step 2. After registering, proceed to the affiliate area and pay the one-time registration fee of N1300. Payment can be done either by using your ATM card or Wakanda coupon code

Anyone living outside Nigeria can join the Wakanda Nation income program. You can make payment with your MasterCard/Visa card no matter which part of the world you live in.

International members can make payment with bitcoin. This means they can register as an affiliate and pay using bitcoin.

Have you made up your mind to join the Wakanda Nation income program? You still need to chill and continue reading.

How Does Wakanda Nation Make Their Money?

Many Nigerians have fallen for so many Ponzi schemes like MMM and Twinkas because they didn’t bother to find out how these people make their money. Wakanda Nation is not like them, they don’t provide help to members by paying you other members’ monies.

Wakanda.ng make their money from advertisements. There are many companies, agencies, businesses and individuals that pay them for targeted adverts. It is the money from these adverts they share among active members.

For Wakanda.ng to make money and more money, they need a lot of people to visit their website because brands patronize online platforms that have lots of audiences.

The concept of Wakanda.ng income program is to reward those helping them publicize their website through the sharing of posts and referring others.

Is Wakanda Nation Income Program Legit?

Wakanda.ng didn’t say you will become rich when you join their income program. You may ask, why do big Nigeria news websites and forums like The Nation, Nairaland, and LindaIkejis Blog do not pay people to visit, read news and comment?

Well, Wakanda Nation is new, they are growing so they want people to know about them. For them to achieve it, they have no better option than to introduce their income program that allows you and I to make money online in Nigeria.

A lot of members have been pay weekly with payment proofs. You can check them out on wakanda.ng.

Be wary of so many income programs springing up. Do not rush to join any just because of the quest to make money online.

For now, I can only recommend those that have been tested which is NNU income program and Wakanda Nation income program. If there are others that are okay to join, I will write about them in subsequent posts.

Registration Link For Wakanda Nation

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  1. I havent heard much about this guys its like they died down and NNU and Blog 9ja overtook them in the business.

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